Hi! I’m Chris

Welcome and Thanks for stopping by! Along with working as a System & Network Engineer, I enjoy Coaching, Writing, & Teaching. I light up helping people explore what it means to live fully, embrace being human, and step into their potential. I love exploring & writing about topics such as how our mind works, psychology, productivity, leadership, & growth.

A Little About Me:

  • I love to whitewater kayak, and I spent a week in Ecuador whitewater kayaking.
  • I went to an alternative college that didn’t use grades or tests, during which I spent a semester in the Boston area volunteering for Growing Without Schooling (Holt Associates) while living with families that were homeschooling. After the first year of college, I left and went to work for a year at GWS.
  • I lived in Paraguay for a year doing volunteer work helping special needs children & teaching English as a second language.
  • I met my wife when she was visiting the US as an exchange student from Indonesia. After being apart for 6 months and then a year, I proposed to her and six months later she moved to the US & we got married.


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